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Goat hormone madness for my amusement

Jared-goat has issues. Poor Jared.

Aerin is a small doe for a yearling, and there was no pressing reason for her to be bred while so small. So I left her in with the kids when I brought Jared up to be with the adult does. The kids share a fenceline with the adult girls. It appears that Aerin is adult enough to be flirting with Jared through the fence. In fact, from her new attitude towards him, I would bet she's in heat.

The rise in female hormones and male attention right at their fence has brought the three boy kids a bit further forward in their development, too. All three are acting both confused and vaguely interested (remember high school?). Toby is the most like Loki used to be - he just wants to bill and coo with Aerin. Theo has taken to mounting whoever walks in front of him, regardless of who it is or what direction s/he is pointed (he's mounting fronts or sides). Nylan is provoking "fence fights" with Jared, where they both take turns whacking the fence with their horns. I have no worry that Jared would break down the fence or do damage to any of the kids. So I'm not going to pull Jared early.

Jared only has a week and a half left to do his duty for this breeding cycle. I am pretty confident that Crystal and Sashimi are pregnant, however, Goldie is still acting frisky at Jared, and neither Summer nor Jessie's attitudes have changed one way or the other.

Summer is looking good these days. She has her head up and her steps are pretty bouncy. Also, she doesn't look like a pole on stilts - she's finally filling out. Feeding her by herself outside of the gate to the doe yard is working out really well. She doesn't get a huge amount, but she gets to eat in peace and I know she's eating it all. With the lack of rain for a few months, she's not had to worry about getting kicked out of whatever shelter she chooses either.

Once the winter comes and everyone gets remixed, I'm tempted to put Summer back in with the little kids.

If I have three divisions, I'm thinking it will be:

Jared, Sancho, Curley, Loki, Theo, Toby, Nylan
Crystal, Sashimi, Goldie, Jessie
Summer, Aerin, Mica, Dru

If I have four divisions, I'm thinking of splitting up the boys, with Jared/Sancho/Curley in one and the smaller boys in the other. Of course, all divisions are subject to how aggressive the top goat is in each group. I don't want Summer to turn out to bully the doe kids just because she's at the bottom of the heap of the adult does.
Tags: angoras, breeding, summer-goat

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