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Miracle - short review, almost no commentary

I was going to go play games tonight and nosh on chocolate. Due to a severe lack of an inclination to be vertical even long enough to go out and find chocolate, I stayed in and watched the movie Miracle on my computer while I knitted a headband.

Miracle was:
1. a movie about hockey.
2. a hockey movie starring Kurt Russell.
3. a Kurt Russell hockey movie about the 1980 Olympics.
4. a Hollywood attempt to make the general Disney-watching public care about 24 guys* who decided to take on the Evil Communist Empire and the Demoralization of America (tm) by becoming the most offensive (in a good way) hockey team the USA had fielded since 1960. The great young hope of America dared to take on the best of European hockey.

In short, it was pretty good. I do not think the general movie-rental public could sit through the whole movie without something else to do, however. That is because, well, it's a movie about hockey. That means that the movie spent a lot of its time showing little pieces of hockey games and -- even more exciting -- hockey practice.

Note, please, that the last time I saw Kurt Russell was in Stargate. Before that, it was Tombstone. I think I have to say he plays himself very well. I think his presentation ranks him with Kevin Costner and Bruce Willis for the most predictable actors I've ever watched.

And I'm late for bed.

* Yes, I can count. It was 21 guys who made it to the last week before one was cut. Those 21 plus the coach, assistant coach and doctor make 24.

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