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Aerin and Curley are at their new home!

From the new owner:

They made it and we are home. I have them corraled under a very large carport for the night. Aerin already has her cubby dome but have to get a bigger one for Curly. They are so sweet. Curly snorted at me and stomped his foot in the back of the truck. Aerin simply said oh all this scratching and petting feels so good. She stole my grown daughters heart. She thinks mom flipped her lid with the animals. She touched Aerin and I think she is hooked, now her and her husband are beginning to ask questions.
[The gent who delivered the goats] got a bad bail of hay from somewhere and he said it gave her the scours. I bedded her down and gave her fresh hay and a little pellet feed, fresh water for the night . She does not appear ill and hope that it will pass if not what do I need to get her tomorrow?
Paper work is done. I called it in to the Albuquerque office before I departed and have that clear. Now the inspector may call me and come look .

My reply:

Oh, I'm so glad they made it and are settling in well. I'm enjoying an excitement echo just knowing that you have your new goats! I'm glad that the goat addiction is growing - before she knows it, your daughter will be wanting her very own. Baby goats are especially addicting, so watch out!

Regarding Aerin's scours. Yes, it's icky and gross, however, if it is a food-based problem, it should pass (ha ha) rather quickly. She will probably be scouring for a few days. If it is more than five days, please call the vet because she will be getting dehydrated by then. One thing to be aware of is that a change of diet can cause scours just like a bad bale of hay. So whatever you plan on feeding her next week should be what you start her on now.

The ways you can help her -- offer her about a 1/4 cup mix of mostly baking soda with a sprinkling of salt in a little dish. This will help settle down her rumen, and if she doesn't need it she won't eat it. If you have a local farmer's co-op or supply company, you should pick up a small cannister of ProBios. It's a powder that you can then mix with the pellets. It stimulates the rumen and helps settle her digestive system. In fact, you may want to give it to both Aerin and Curley - it won't hurt them and will help both of them keep a regular digestive system as they acclimatize to your house. Of course a lot of fresh water will help out. The fresher the water, the more a goat will drink of it.

Once Aerin's scours are done, you can clean her up with a wet rag or a slow-flowing hose. I wouldn't recommend spraying water on her, but running water over her back legs should loosen up the scours and get some of it off of her back legs.

I hope that Aerin and Curley are just what you want and that they fit in well with everyone!

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