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LJ is a crossroads of opinion - religious, personal, political

I have been following (off and on) a discussion on someone else's LJ that started with a link to a humorous-but-sad web page showing pictures of religious-based American protesters. The site also had an essay at the bottom about why the web page had been created. I only know for certain that I'm acquainted with two of the participants, so I was [mostly] free of identity bias, with the exception of the person's journal in which the discussion started, of course.

At this point, that particular LJ discussion has split into various topics. Among those topics is a little gem about the difference between leaving an organization and leaving the faith that organization purports to represent. Another topic is the definition of cowardice, and how anonymous postings during a debate can be interpreted as "hiding" from taking a stand. Yet another topic is the subject-linking by one person of pedophilia and homosexuality. Still another one is the definition of physical death. And the list goes on.

And to think, all of those topics came out of a quick humor post.

LJ can, at times, be far more fascinating than actual news, because I get to see the multiplicity of viewpoints in the world. Despite the name calling, I really enjoyed reading through those posts and seeing each person's point of view and writing style.

I was tempted at times to jump into the discussion with both feet, but really couldn't see a clear place where it would do anyone any good. I didn't feel like jumping in just to flag-wave. The only thing I posted that may have done any good was a reminder that there was an essay underneath the pictures that explained the author's point (which was different than my first interpretation of the photos). ::shrug::

I am sorry that the discussion was turning nasty, and I did post a comment regarding such to the LJ's owner. Which is sad, that I would ask the owner to lock down something that I am enjoying. I just don't like degradation into cryptic, pointed comments and personal statement/challenges and ... posturing? I don't know. I do appreciate some of the humor, I do admit.

No, there is no real point to this post, besides a little ramble wander through the reasons why the LJ friends view is more for me than just keeping up on the news in other people's lives.

Maybe I shouldn't make this post public, but hey, it's about a public post...

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