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Fall goat migration and good-bye goaties

Today was the great goat migration of Fall 2005. (Winter isn't for another 23 days or so.) And I gave back the two goats I was boarding.

The purpose of the great goat migration was to make sure the pregnant does have the best shelter for the wintertime. The back barn is much deeper and generally bigger than the front barn (a glorified run-in shed), and the girls are incredibly territorial when they are pregnant. The boys don't seem to care, especially the little ones. All five kids were still cramming themselves into a 6x8-foot area when I broke up the party this morning.

I'm so proud of myself! I moved all our goats around and didn't have to ask for help (though I would have gotten help from CK without any problem at all). I moved the big girls to the back, moved Sancho and Loki to the front, and then moved Dru and Mica to the back. This was brought about in all cases but one by shaking a big bucket of grain and walking to where I wanted to go. I made sure the proper gates were open and such as well, of course. Everyone did wonderfully well, too. I put Jared into the kid's creep feeder before I opened the front gate so that I could move the girls to the back pasture without him. I locked Loki and Sancho up in the right side stall in the back field until I got the girls into the left side, then let the boys out and walked them up to the front pasture. It worked really well!

Because they didn't have anyone to follow (and therefore no active herd instinct to follow), Dru and Mica weren't given the choice of walking nicely when it was their turn to move. I carried each of them separately. My left ear is still ringing from Mica's objections to this process, and my hat is covered in mud on one side where Dru was kicking me in the head repeatedly as I hauled her protesting away from her brothers.

Note that I'm not including Stick-head (Frankie) in the nice moving either. I had to move her by herself at the kick-off of this whole re-arrangement, and she was not having any of it. I put a halter on her and alternately dragged forward and dragged anchor as she dug in or bolted past me. But it was done and she ended up where I wanted her without any issues. I put her into the little corner fence where I was feeding Scaredy-goat (Wallie) and Summer, with Wallie. Summer went on back with the doe crowd. Frankie and Wallie were picked up by their owner at about noon today. I hope they drop great kids in the springtime. I'm especially interested in seeing how Loki's progeny look.

The girls are in the back field with the big barn now. The adult girls have the big left stall and the middle/right stall for just five of them. That should mean that Summer isn't kicked out into the snow this time. The right/right stall is currently occupied by Mica and Dru. If Summer gets beaten up too much, I'll move her over to the little girls' side. Up front, the right side is now Sancho, Jared and Loki. The left side is Theo, Toby and Nylan. If Loki gets beaten any worse than today (he tore his ear during the Wild Kingdom re-acquaintanceship with Jared), then he will be sent to the little boys' side.
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