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Goats and hypocalcemia (Crystal looks ok now)

I'm posting this so that I remember, and anyone else who needs to know can read it too.

As mentioned in passing in this post, I was concerned about Crystal-goat having issues with walking.

---First, the resolution, as posted to Med-A-Goat911---

Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2005 09:19:31 -0500
Subject: Update on: pregnant doe's back legs / Calcium imbalance

Hi all,

Just an update for everyone regarding my doe's "yoga" habit and the possibility of a calcium/phosphorous imbalance.

Sue, thank you for the calcium suggestion and the article. I took your information to my vet, who was willing to admit ignorance and respect your recommendation. He also asked me to take notes and add them to his growing list of goat issues that he is learning from me and others like me.

On the vet's recommendation, I picked up a calcium/phosphorus supplement for cattle at the co-op. It's called CMPK gel. The label says Calcium 47.3 gm, Phosphorus 6.2 gm, Magnesium 2.9 gm, Potassium 1.0 gm. The recommended dosage was about 1/5th of a tube, and that I should see how she did on that. If her symptoms didn't get any worse, to wait a few days; if her symptoms got worse, to call him for some more direct intervention. Since she's the top of the pecking order, he wasn't worried about her starving nearly so much as her going down and shutting off digestion or killing the kids.

At this point a week later, the doe appears to have recovered her metabolic balance. She is no longer stretching or shaking her legs off when I am around. She is also much more interested in getting her share of food *immediately*. With her symptoms gone, I'm willing to call this a cure, with the knowledge that I have to keep my eyes on all of the girls in case this comes up again.

If I don't have any other reasons to use the CMPK again before kidding, I plan to use the rest of the tube as a part of my post-partum arsenal if anyone gets the shakes or seems to suddenly smell of ketosis.


---And then my first e-mail on the subject---

Hi all,

I have a doe who is heavily pregnant with twins (due at the end of January). She is the biggest girl on the farm, and at this point she looks like she is carrying a baby hippo rather than kids.

Lately I've seen her doing a little yoga maneuver a lot. She starts by stretching her back legs like she's a boy-goat urinating. She holds this yoga pose for a while, then kicks her back legs one at a time like a cat shaking off litter, walks a few steps, and does it again. Last night she was slow to get to the food (oh-no!) because she was busy doing her stretches.

I'm reasonably sure this is because of the pregnancy and pressure on her hips. However, I'd like to bounce it off of you-all in case someone can confirm my guess and tell me what I can do to help her.


(P.S. I "know" she's carrying twins because she has dropped two sets of twins out of two breedings.)

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