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Easily distracted by bright shiny goat-baby daydreams

I'd rather be thinking of cool baby goat names right now. We are expecting about six babies from five mommies.

If I go for a theme, the father is Jared and the mothers are:
Crystal (white, threw white "Toby" and grey "Mica" last year)
Sashimi (grey, threw black "Nylan" last year)
Goldie (redhead, threw white "Prometheus" last year and red "Loki" two years ago)
Jessie (named for Jessie Owens; redhead, threw black "Dru" last year and red "Aern" two years ago)
Summer (first kidding)

Suggestions from last year include:

So, you know, thinking about this, I was looking for the names of the Maenads? Ha ha how cute? But I was reminded that the Maenads would in their maddened state tear their victims limb from limb. And that just does not sound like a good thing when you have the bucket of sweet feed. (Alcimacheia, Bromie, Calybe, Chalcomede, Charopeia, Chorea, Cisseis, Clite, Codone, Coronis, Eriphe, Eurypyle, Gigarto, Gorge, Melictaina, Myrto, Nyse, Oenone, Phasyleia, Phlio, Soe, Staphyle, Sterope, Terpsichore, Theope, and Thero)

Rock, Billy, Koza, Hoover & in case I guessed too few goats, Cabrito
responses to that comment included: Hoover, Orick, Kenmore and Dyson

Sassafrass and Clancey (or Clancy)

Catherine, Ursula, Barbara, Lucy (save Agnes for when you have a lamb).
George, Paul, John (saints or Beatles, you be the judge). :)

responses to that included: For some reason, Agnes made me think of Alice which made me think of having a Wonderland characters theme. Then, the thought of a goat named Turtle made me think of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing...

Auriga, Camelopardalis, Canis Major, Columba, Gemini, Lepus, Monoceros, Pictor if they are Feb. and/or Cancer, Canis Minor, Carina, Lynx, Puppis, Pyxis, Vela, Volans if they are March. Yeah going for a theme. hehehe

Grover, Snuffy (Aloyisius Snuffleupagus), Oscar, Prarie Dawn, Zoe

This one was after Mica and Toby were born -- Well, if they were born during the snow on Tuesday and they were both girls I would suggest "Snow White" and "Rose Red," but since one is a boy . . . well I'm still stuck in the fairy tales and I would probably go with "Hansel" and "Gretle." Or maybe call one “Frosty” and the other “Blizzard.” :)
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