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Shearing could get creative this spring...

My regular shearer left a message on Tuesday saying that he is cutting back on his jobs due to health problems, and that he would not be coming to shear my goats this spring. I got a call last night from a bigger producer downstate who normally uses the same shearer. From what I can deduce from that conversation, our shearer has canceled on everyone in the state. So now we are all scrambling to find people who are willing to shear 1) angoras and 2) pregnant angoras.

I think I will start "hand-shearing" Dru tomorrow, followed by Nylan. They were born in May, so missed the August haircutting. If I get enough confidence, I'll "crotch" the pregnant moms next so that they will be clean for kidding and nursing.

I'll try to remember to take before/after pictures too.

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