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Goat babies are coming

I'm seeing more evidence of impending goat babies. Jessie may kid today, though I'm not convinced she's ready. Her udder hasn't bagged up completely yet nor is she red-ringed yet.

Jessie has started to waddle rather than walk, indicating that her hips are loosening and the baby (babies?) are headed towards the exit.

Both Jessie and Goldie are starting to "leak" clear fluid from their protruding vaginas. Jessie's udder is dropping ("bagging up") and Goldie's is starting to do the same.

However, neither doe is red and puffy around the vulva yet, which I seem to recall as an indicator from last year. Though, looking at last year's posts, I'm not finding much in the way of helpful records. I'll have to do better this year. ( http://reedrover.livejournal.com/211179.html#cutid1 )
Tags: angoras, kids

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