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The gods said no shearing today

The gods have been trying all week to tell me not to shear my goats today. I've known for days that it was going to rain, but didn't let that stop me. So my shearer called to cancel this morning because he got sick. No problem; we'll reschedule. I turned off my alarms and rolled over. About an hour later my subconscious managed to bludgeon my consciousness into getting up and getting out to the barn.

Goldie has twins (both white).
Sashimi has a single (black with white stripes).

All of them were still wet, and since Sashimi is so shy, I made sure everyone was head-up and breathing and made a quiet departure. I'm trying like hell to not go back out to the barn too often so that the mommies can bond and clean up after their babies in peace. I'll post photos later. No I don't know what flavors they are yet.

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