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State of the goat update from Sunday

[Sorry, I thought I posted this yesterday.]

So far, we have four does with seven kids on the ground (three sets of twins!). Summer-goat still has to kid, but that's probably not until March.

All the goat babies are doing fine, more or less. My one weather-eye is on Goldie's little girl, who Sashimi threw across the room on Saturday. She seems to be eating ok, but is almost always lying down when I see her. She *can* stand without pain, and nurse, but has little energy or enthusiasm for her surroundings as of yet. She may just be a slow-starter / second kid, so I'm leaving her be for now. Heck, she's only a day old and she's doing the important things: eating and walking.

Sashimi has been so hostile toward Goldie and her girls that I had to separate them. I remixed the big stall fencing and goat distribution so that Sashimi has her own 6x6 suite, Goldie has her own 6x6 suite, and Crystal has the 6x12 area. Crystal's kids are at the full-steam-ahead stage anyway, so they need the room. I expect, if the weather is good, that I'll be letting Crystal and her kids out to roam the yard very soon.

So far, the kid count is four girls and three boys. The count for kids that I want to keep is one girl and two boys. All of the white kids are on the preliminary sale list, as are Toby, Theo and Goldie. Of course I'll reevaluate closer to show time and after shearing when I see just what I've got in the yearlings group.

To sell:

White kids are not what I'm looking for to shear for my roving, so unless one of them turns out to be a show-winner, they are all going to be up for sale by the June show.

Toby and Theo have a wethering appointment for Feb 20th, at which point they will become much easier to sell as pets and companion animals as well as for fleece.

Goldie seems to not be carrying the recessive black gene (she's thrown white both years with Jared), and she can't breed to her own son* for reds, so I'll be trying to sell her this year. Loki was stunning and is still quite nice (I'm so proud), so I'm sure she'll find a home somewhere that is breeding for reds.

To analyze and decide later:

Despite her airplane ears and fuzzy butt, I may keep Mica for now. Her fleece looks fantastic so far, and I'll hopefully get confirmation of that when we shear.

Dru will go from black to grey at this shearing; the change will be dramatic. (Reminder to self- get before/after pictures.) Her conformation is impossible to tell under all that hair. The fuzzy tail is unattractive especially when compared to her brother Nylan, but whether she stays or goes will depend on the fleece that grows in and the body underneath it. Obviously she can't be bred to her father*, and breeding to Loki would probably result in white kids, so she'll be a non-breeder until Jared is rotated out.

Everyone else is on the "keep" list for now. So that makes 7 to sell, 2 maybes and an unknown from Summer, and 10 to keep. Plus Sancho equals 11. I'm good with having 11 to overwinter (this past winter was 13). I just hope I can sell everyone that needs to be sold.

Footnote/Edit: Yes, line breeding is an option, however, I am not so confident that these are the best of the best of what's out there that I would want to do so with either Goldie/Loki or Dru/Jared. I'd rather go pick another animal that has qualities I like to add to the mix.
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