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Multicolored 3-ply yarn is finished!

I took a break from my regularly scheduled mohair to spin up a little ball of dyed wool that I got in a fiber swap too long ago.

The roving, just begun. I forgot to take a photo until after I had started. Oops.

The single ply, showing the dramatic color changes. This is what "told" me that I should try a navajo ply for this yarn.

The hideously overspun 3-ply, proving how out of practice I am at getting a smooth twist out of three strands. By the end I'd gotten the hang of it again, but it still annoyed me how tight I'd made it.

So I sent the whole thing back through on a slight Z twist again (clockwise) to loosen it up. That made it a much fluffier and less energetic yarn. Here's the final before winding off onto my niddy-noddy.

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