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Goat addiction

Ok. I sold four goats, and have three more to go (at least). Unfortunately, the four sold were the "easy" ones - the kids - and I still have the adults to go.

However, I've already located two kids that I want to buy, which makes it imperative that I get my act together and sell.

My goat-consumption goal in the summertime is to have enough pasture that feeding them pellets and grain is really my choice, not a necessity. Currently that is not the case. There are sufficient goats that I need to supplement. So I definitely need to expand fencing if this number is to be sustainable over the long term.

My winter goat-goal is to have no more than 150 bales of hay consumption from October to March, assuming continual alfalfa pellets and goat chow feedings. That requires some math, because of the relative age/size of goats.

Two winters ago I had: 2 big boys, 1 medium boy, 4 big girls, 2 medium girls, and 4 sheep. I had 5 kids beginning mid-March. They consumed 110 bales of hay. (Sheep eat a LOT!)

This past winter I had: 2 big boys, 3 medium boys, 1 small boy, 4 big girls, 2 medium girls, 1 small girl and no sheep. Starting in February, that included 7 kids. They consumed 130 bales of hay.

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