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Bye-bye Theo and Toby and Mica

My collection of the class of 2005 was cut from five to two on Sunday. While I'm sad to see them go, I'm really glad that all three of them went to people who already own goats, and who have the same personalized attitude towards their animals that I do.

I sold Mica to a very nice lady who wanted a new angora to blend into her mixed herd before her old angora ladies fade away. Mica shouldn't have any trouble hanging out with the pygmy goats, and the older angoras are loving her to pieces so far. The lady who took Mica called (and e-mailed) yesterday to let me know that Mica was instantly adopted by one of her ancient does as a new daughter and is being treated like a princess by everyone else. (This lady also wants to buy Dru, but I'm thinking not.)

Right after Mica left, I sold Toby and Theo to a very nice couple from Front Royal who are interested in expanding the fiber arts part of their farm collection, and were not interested in breeding angoras. The woman said that she only planned to buy one. It only took the phrase "I do take checks" for her to change her mind and buy them both. This family already has English angora rabbits, llamas, southdown babydoll sheep, Nigerian dwarf goats and Boer goats, so I expect Toby and Theo will have plenty of company and TLC.

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