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And in other worries

On Saturday, I let the mom-goats out to help the kids (plus Summer and Dru) mow the dog yard. Then I caught Madison mounting Sashimi. Oops. Ok, well, angora bucks are supposedly late bloomers and it's been pretty hot, so I didn't worry about it too much at that point; I just chalked it up to Madison "practicing." However, this morning I got out to the yards and found Sashimi had slithered through the gate and was back in with the kids. The underside of her tail was slimy. Not good.

If Madison is already fertile and performing while in the kid group, then he has possibly bred his mother (Sashimi) and his sister (Dru) as well as Summer. I'm not particularly against line breeding, but I'm not sure I want to A.) line breed Madison to either his mom or his sister or B.) be kidding the first week of January.

I called the vet and asked if there is a blood test that we can use to see who is already pregnant, when we can use it, and how much it will cost. I know that there are chemical abortificants available over-the-counter, but would rather not apply them unless they are necessary.

I have a little bit of time to figure out what happened/is happening. Shearing isn't until next week, and I don't plan on breeding my goats (on purpose) until after Labor Day. - I would like to have the kids in February if the stars line up correctly.

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