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New goat pictures

I took "before" photos for shearing next week. Here is the current angora goat lineup. (Sorry, Sancho.)

Crystal 8-14-06 Crystal

Goldie 8-14-06 Goldie

Jessie 8-14-06 Jessie

Sashimi 8-14-06 Sashimi

Summer 8-14-06 Summer

Dru 8-14-06 Dru

Justin 8-14-06 Justin

Anna 8-14-06 Anna

Madison 8-14-06 Madison

Alys 8-14-06 Alys

Dahlia 8-14-06 Dahlia

Mona 8-14-06 Mona

Jared 8-14-06 Jared

Loki 8-14-06 Loki


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