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Walk Humbly, Son

Lyrics from Eddie from Ohio's Walk Humbly, Son that was performed last night-

Walk humbly, son, walk humbly now
And cherish every step
For a life well spent on this Earth we’re lent
Will be marked by the void you have left

May you conquer, not curse, challenges
May you hold back the dark like a dam
May you lead your life with a lions roar
May you leave it like a lamb

Don’t await rewards for your good deeds
A reward won’t make them good
Don’t await judgment of any foes
They’ll receive just what they should

When you find the axis of this world
Don’t tread too far inside
Run away as far as you think you can
Be well and enjoy the ride

Walk humbly, son, and store your pride
When you need strength later on
For your life’s worth will be judged if earth
Is saddened when you have gone

Walk humbly, son, walk humbly now
And forget not where you are from
May you go further than those before
And provide for those to come

Will you walk humbly, son.

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