a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks


Goldie gave birth to a little boy today. He is brown with a horizontal white stripe on each ear, and a cream topknot. Goldie is dropping milk correctly. Mommy and baby are bonded and happy. I got iodine on his umbilical cord and checked the inside of his mouth to be sure it was warm -- the biggest sign that he is nursing.

Of course, Goldie gave birth without any help. I went out with Jim to do the regular evening rounds and Goldie was missing from the welcome committee at the fence. She came trotting out after I was already closing the gate, and her haunches (just in front of her hip bones) was sunken in. Big clue! So I booked it to the barn and there was the little boy.

The three pictures I took tonight are not good. I hope to get better ones in natural light tomorrow morning. I will post something when I can create it.

I'm trying not to fall in love yet just in case he doesn't make it. But so far signs are good.

Goat baby number 1.
Tune in for babies 2 and 3....

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