a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat Baby journal, day 3

I did not end up making a sweatshirt for the baby goat. The only sacrificial sweatshirt I could find was white. And he seems to be doing just fine without any help. The barn is dry and his mom is sticking with him, so he can leach body heat when he needs to.

The bounce-attempts are gaining a new development. He is now attempting to bounce by moving his front feet separately and then his back feet together. So it's F-right, F-left, back feet hop forward together. He is actually gaining forward motion from this new technique, though only an inch or two.

Edit 1: I posted to two of my e-mail lists that I have the new kid, and listed the web site. I got back some very nice comments about how good-looking he is and how nice his coloring is. Many people expressed happy sympathy that Goldie is being a good mom. And a number of new goat owners posted expressions of envy that it was a stressless birth (well, for me anyway) and how they can only hope their kidding goes as smoothly. I feel appreciated.

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