a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Fire update II

1,800 acres, 20% containment. (update to FIRE post)

An e-mail from another Haskell owner states:

...He also reports that there is no smoke in Sierra Valley. Now the Valley is due East of the fire and the normal wind pattern should fill the valley with smoke. The smoke is going straight up and then drifting South and West. This is exceptional news, the winds are NOT a factor. Reno is also smoke free and very still air right now.

[JL] is apparently still in the Tract wetting down everything he can. He even is reportedly making my split wood at the trash bins extra special wet... don't know if that is a favor or not. He also states that the FS is making great head way due to the lack of winds and the forecast for tomorrow is the same for today, light winds, higher humidity.

Comm Off is relatively upbeat about the ability to hold the fire within the limits of the Howard Creek and Carvin Creek watersheds. Howard Creek is the stream that runs next to Bassetts Station. If you look at the image on yubanet and find Bassetts, follow the lush green swale north and east. Well, lush and green on the image and in our memories. Fire is now at 20% containment. Yeah!

...there is a Community meeting tonight at 7pm in Sierra City - have to get to it from the Nevada City route if you go... and report back if you do.
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