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Fire Update III

(Update to FIRE post)

The fire size has been revised downwards to less than 1000 acres. Containment is still at 20% (Gold Lake Road and Hwy. 49).

There was a lot of good information passed out at last night's community meeting in Sierra City. The best information resource was the National Forests fire web site. The Bassetts fire is http://www.inciweb.org/incident/506/.

For those of you who are following the story, here is one clue that might help -- Haskell Peak is the ridge that runs east-west vaguely parallel to Hwy 49. It is both "up" and North of the Cabin. The important thing about the ridge is that the Peak itself is above the timber line. If the fire gets up there, it will be a long way from any houses, and it will be relatively easy to spot and contain.

The absolute worst scenario for The Cabin is for a heated wind to run up the valley from West to East. The most advantageous thing is of course no wind, but if there has to be any wind, a South to North-West wind is the least risky.

Note that there are actual full-time towns to the southwest of the fire. I cannot in good conscience wish for the wind to blow that direction and push the fire down the valley. In the comparison of worth, losing a summer retreat is a lot less of an impact than losing a home.

the fire breaks are on Gold Lake Rd and Hwy 49 past Bassets. It looks like it is burning in Haskell Peak. I think they are going to use 09 and Haskell Peak Rd for breaks there. They are saying 20% because of the containment at Gold lake Rd and 49. The are going to try containing on back side. They are going to contiue mopping up in containment so when the winds come tomorrow the chances of it jumping wont be so great. They are going to post updates all over in town. We are a high priority so we have all the planes and equipment here and an infrored helicopter so they can see the hot spots through the smoke and fight it. It sounded like we were turned federal or something like that so are going to get all the help we need. There will be 24 12 and immediate evacs and the sheriffs will be doing that if needed. It looks good right now that it wont come down the hill to us here. We will know better tomorrow after the high winds start. It burned all night hard they said but still only burnt 1000 not 1800 like reported. It started at Gold Lake Rd and went up mountain. The winds are suppose to blow n to e tomorrow.
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