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Fire Update IV - CBS video

(Update to the FIRE post)

CBS has aired coverage of the fire, including one with some spectacular fire footage.

If you search " Bassetts" at http://cbs13.com/video you will find 6 video reports giving a overview of what has been happening. The "Bassetts Fire Dying Down Tonight" is the most recent one, and gives some good footage of both the fire and the fighting. There is no good overview photos (probably because of smoke) but that's to be expected.

As a side note - CBS interviewed someone coherent and competent as "man on the street" about the fire - while he looks like a lumberjack, he sounds like he's at least got a 3-digit IQ. That's kind of a nice change. (Redneck comment -- we did get the "sounds like a jet engine" quote. ::laugh::)

The NFS incident report has been updated this morning to include the remarks about campgrounds being closed and today's weather forecast. The winds are expected to continue to be NW for today. See my previous fire post for comments about winds.

The YubaNet website was updated this morning to include an estimated containment date of Saturday. The NFS web site does not have an estimate yet, so I'm not sure whether this is a valid date or a good wish.

According to M's most recent e-mail (from last night):

The fire did jump highway 49 between Carvin tract and Bassetts but was quickly contained. It also jumped the Gold Lake Road somewhere to the west - but was also contained.

The fire is about 20% contained. There will be a big push to increase containment tonight and tomorrow while winds are light and humidity is up. More wind is predicted for Friday. Highway 49 from Bassetts to the Pass is expected to remain closed thru Fri. The power is off from Bassetts to the Pass.
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