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Fire Update VII

(Update to the FIRE post)

Well, things are good and bad and up in the air right now. The fire has spread across Gold Lake Road into the campgrounds between Sand Pond and the road, but the incident sites list it as 94% contained. The northwest edge is where it is most out of control at the moment - the map shows the fire has swept across the containment line. (see map for details) And I regret to say that one "structure" was burned - a PG&E power pole. I think I'm willing to make that kind of a sacrifice and keep some of the other buildings intact, thanks..

An e-mail from a Carvin Creek resident regarding classes on future preparedness is below. Note that this was sent on Saturday, so the acreage is out of date.

Good news from today's meeting. The federal management team is confident now that they have the fire contained. Full containment will come tomorrow morning. Highway 49 should open tomorrow BUT NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED INTO CABINS UNTIL MONDAY OR TUESDAY. There are still fire crews in the area mopping up and there are still smoldering logs, etc to deal with.

Winds were a factor but not as bad as feared. Although wind speeds reached 60 mph, apparently the wind blew right over the top of the fire in some places. Spot fires occurred when burning tree tops broke off and blew as much as 2 miles away. But the spot fires were contained and kept from spreading too far. Most of these spots occurred west of the Gold Lake Rd and apparently did little damage.

Final size of the fire is about 2,110 acres. A total of 1,135 personnel were used and $2,400,000 was expended. Sadly, one structure was lost - a PG&E power pole between Carvin and Bassetts. :)

Electrical power should be turned on tomorrow. No mention of telephone service. The Gold Lake Road will not open yet as there are still more active hot spots on that side. That road should reopen Monday or Tuesday.

In the next few days, the fire crews will start to demobilize. Management responsibility will be returned to local authority and things will get back to normal in Sierraville, Bassetts and elsewhere.

Officials at the meeting began discussing future planning for events like this in the future. There will be a series of meetings to help local residents prepare for future events. A 2 weekend training course will occur in Downieville October 14-15 and October 21-22. A similar course is planned for Sierraville in November. More information is available by telephoning 530-289-2850.

Many cabin owners hear the sounding of the fire assembly siren at Bassetts. Often that is a test or to summon volunteers for training or for duty. However, if a very long siren occurs (e.g. 10 minute duration) that means an evacuation is required. There may or may not be time to go door to door. The Sierra County Sheriff's Office should be told about any residents who require additional assistance to evacuate, preferably in advance of an emergency.
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