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Fire Update VIII

(Update to the FIRE post)

Still holding at 96% contained, with the one out-of-bounds section up towards Gold Lake Road. They are also still at 0-0-0 for injuries/deaths/structures (ok, the power pole but still...)

Check out the photo blog here. One image below

One amusing/obnoxious note from a gent sending out e-mail updates regarding the New Zealand and Australian air teams -- There is a fire front shown approaching a hand line between Carvin Creek and Haskell Creek. She stated that this is a very strong containment. I can only imagine that this is where the Kiwis and Roos are stationed. It has been at least four days since these people have had good beer - it will not be pretty. Amusing because of the beer comment, obnoxious because of the "Roos" and "Kiwis" comment.
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