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State of the goat update (and thoughts on bucks and breeding)

All the goats are doing fine, growing up and growing hair. Summer's fleece issue seems to have cleaned up. No one else has anything more interesting than Goldie's chronic slightly wheezy nose. Justin is growing to be more like Loki in attitude and affection every time I stop to notice it.

Because of my impending travel, I dewormed everyone* yesterday. It should be the last time I medicate any of the goats until their annual CD&T shots and check-ups in January.

Cooler days make for silly bucks. Jared has been snorting and rubbing and dancing around every time I visit. These past cooler evenings, I've seen him chasing the girls around the front field like a little boy with a worm on a stick. Which is amusing because those does are most probably a month pregnant by now, while he's only just reaching the top of his seasonal game.

In the other pasture, Loki is pretty much done with his nonsense. I think that a lack of male competition kept him from a full-out display of buckiness. Too-young Madison has also calmed back down. Removing the little girls from his immediate presence seems to have solved his hormone urges for this year. I have a good idea what we can expect from him next year, however, so it's a good thing that I've got Dahlia and Mona on his dance card so far in advance (if they are big enough for breeding by then).

Justin is on my mind a lot these days. He's got a good solid body, a sweet baby buck personality, recessive black genetics, and is registerable-by-pedigree. His only current disadvantage is that he doesn't carry much in the way of color on his body. However, I already have Loki and Jared standing stud with Madison in the wings waiting his turn. I don't need any more males in a herd total of 14. But see my second sentence. Justin has almost every advantage besides color. So what do I do with him? If I keep him, then either I'm running three black/grey studs or rotating out Jared or Madison. (Loki's literally a goat of a different color.)

My current attitude toward both Madison and Justin is to wait until the show next June before going final on a decision. I want to see if I can get Madison registered by inspection or if he carries too many faults from his mom (Sashimi). His lines look good so far, and his coloring is perfect, but is his hair ... worthy? If Madison can't be registered, I may swap Justin out for him with Mona, and see if Mona's color breeds true even with a lighter buck.

I also need to sell down again by next June, or I'm going to be in resource trouble again. Just like last year, I have 5 does bred right now, for a potential kid-count of 8 (we got 7 live and 1 dead this past year). The carrying capacity of the fields is less than 20, and even I know that 15 plus 8 is not 20-or-less. Resource restriction is why Dru got yanked from the lineup this year (why be greedy?), but next year will have Dru, and if they are big enough, Mona, Dahlia, Anna and Alys included in the lineup - that makes a potential doe field of ten. At a productivity rate of approximately 150%, that is Too Many Goats for 2008.

Crystal and Goldie are for sale even as I type, but sales are pretty slow in the fall in general, and the closer they get to kidding, the less interested I'll be in pushing a sale. Amusingly enough, Dru is sold if I ever pick up the phone and call V-. She said she'd buy Dru any time I wanted to sell her.

Edit: And of course there is Anna, who is related to all of my males by some direction or another. She is Jared's daughter, she is the half-sister of Justin and Madison, and she is a cousin to Loki through their moms (Jessie is Goldie's sister).

* I know that I should selectively deworm, but reality requires otherwise.

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