a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat Update

Erin and her big (1/2) brother are starting to play. The buckyboy is now a week old, and has figured out all sorts of ways to spend energy. He likes to bonk Erin in the rear with his head -- though not too hard. He likes to climb up on the straw bales and jump off. He hasn't quite gotten to flinging himself off yet.

Erin is slowly gaining ground. It's tough for me to remember that she is less than two days old and is supposed to be that uncoordinated. Looking at the 7-day old, it's absolutely amazing how much growth they can cover in just a week.

Yeah, I gave up on this "wait and see" and am actively trying to think of a name for the buck. Most of the names I can think of are even worse than Jessie for name origin obscurity. (Jessie is from Blazing Saddles "For my next impression, Jessie Owens!") Name thoughts so far include:
-- Owen (from the abovementioned quote, but his mom is Goldie, not Jessie)
-- Albert (from Bill Cosby's old standup about playing buckbuck)
-- Cosby (same)
-- Hawn (Goldie....)
-- Raj or Raja (no reason)
-- Eric (the Red, the Viking)

P.S. As we grouse about the weather, keep in mind that Last Frost Date for my house is April 17th. We have a ways to go yet.

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