a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat oddness

I sent this off to my CAGBA list.

A doe and her assigned buck have been sharing a fence line with two buck kids (now 7 months old or so). Knowing that this doe is quite definitely pregnant, I opened the fence between the adults and kids so that they could share pasture. Two kind of weird things happened:

1. the buck totally ignored the Grass Is Greener axiom and ignored the new pasture. Amusing, but not unknown for this guy.

But --

2. the doe trotted into the new pasture, went right up to one of the little boy bucks, and picked a fight. Why? Was this jealousy? Establishment of domanance over the bucklings?

Has anyone else seen something similar? She totally ignored the other little boy buck, concentrating all her bullying on the one. The facts I can offer are:

-- The buckling she picked on is the oldest kid of last spring's crop and is domant over the other one. The buckling that she ignored is the youngest (but most sexually mature).

-- The buckling she picked on is white like her. The buckling she ignored is black.

-- The buckling she picked on is outgoing and friendly with me, almost to lap-goat status. The buckling she ignored is shy.

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