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Being ranked as less important than TV is... painful...

Invite me into your house for some kind of social activity/ visit/ party that has nothing to do with visual arts, and then turn on the TV in front of me, and you are guaranteed to convince me to leave as quickly as I showed up.

Yes, I've let it go in the past out of misunderstanding myself and my hosts, but unfortunately I'm learning that those wounds are really slow-healing.

So rather than dreaming about the beautiful and well-decorated house I just saw, I'm gritting my teeth over my exit. Just tell me that the party is over and that I should go away, thankyouverymuch. Driving me out of the house with actions that say the TV is more interesting/important than you hurts. It really does. Sure, I'm oversensitive or overdramatic or something. It's really sad that I can feel belittled by a TV.


I have to value myself somehow.

Edits: Ok, I have to be a bit more fair to my hostess here - It was not she who turned on the TV, but rather one of the other people living in the house. Also, for those who are curious about the actual attraction of the show, it was Fox 5 news.
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