a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

December whath?

The snapdragons are blooming.

Every time I think that it might be time to remix the goats and move all the boys up front and the girls to the back, the weather gets warmer. Warmer weather means more browse/graze opportunities, and less reason for confining the goats or for focusing on covered food areas.

The rain and the rise in temperatures again means that the grass is growing and the goats are eating less to keep warm. Both of those things mean that I have stopped giving the goats hay again for the meanwhile. I believe that the mild temperatures are supposed to last over a week; The front pasture should be plenty for those six goats. The little girls in back might need a bit of hay since that field is the slowest to grow due to the shade back there.

I wonder if the rising temperatures are the reason Justin and Loki have started getting even more bucky lately. Justin ignored me and the food this morning in favor of sticking his head out at the girls and snorting through the fence at them. Oh, the studliness! There's nothing quite so amusingly pathetic as a short young male trying to impress his taller peers and the older women next door.

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