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Goat boys - wild kingdom!

I'm preparing for goat babies and snow coming up soon, so am trying to get the goats to the correct barns, etc.

We moved Loki in with Jared and Sancho, who immediately started a three-cornered sparring match. Sancho was eventually ignored as being male-less...

Jared has been living with Sancho, so is in "fighting trim." Loki has been in the back with the little boys, Summer, or by himself. Loki is, in other words, in no good physical shape. Loki is just... fat and fluffy. So the fighting was pretty much Jared's to win, but Loki would not give up. If I'd had my camera ready, we could have gotten fantastic wild kingdom photos of Jared up on his back legs like the Black Stallion of the goat world. Jared is really quite impressive when he wants to be (which isn't very often).

Basically, Loki and Jared spent the rest of the afternoon fighting it out. I separated them at one point and they beat against the fence together up and down the fenceline until they took the gate off of the hinges and could get through to each other. When I went back outside to put the gate to rights, I grabbed them both, made them take a break and get a drink, and then put them in the same pen to hash it out.

They are done for the day, and are curled up chewing cut without a care. Final score - both are a bit bloody around the horn base, and Loki has a scrape across his ear. The bloody horn base is not a problem/worry because it's the goat equivalent of smashing a nail cuticle - bloody and sore, but not a gushing wound. And at this point in the year, I'm not worried about flystrike.

Here's something that achaosofkittens pointed out: angora goats are just not that big. And angora goats just aren't that crazy. Separating two angora bucks in full fighting mode is still a one-person job. I separated and kept a hold of both boys by myself. I dragged their panting fuzzy butts across the field to the watering trough by myself. (Even if they had been recalcitrant with me, I almost outweigh the two of them together.) They did as they were told for as long as I had a grip on their horns.

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