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whimsical: ISO available men

I have plenty of wonderful ladies as friends, and some of those wonderful ladies find themselves less romantically attached than they would like. They have told me on various occasions that they are looking for social or snuggle partners of the masculine persuasion, and that it would be nice if I could supply a starting point. Ok, sure, but I need some guys with which to do that.

If you know me or know someone who knows me, you should point me in the direction of available men who I can start interviewing inviting to my parties as possibilities for my friends.

All comments are initially screened and will be unscreened as I choose unless you say otherwise in your comment.

Well-developed sense of humor/irony/absurdity
Self-confidence, self-reliance
Good personal hygiene
Open mindedness
Social and conversational skills sufficient to survive a party of ~20 people you don't know.

No other romantic attachments
Financial self-sufficiency
Emotional balance
Some hobby/interest that is not simply an offshoot of work. Examples are: knitting, woodworking, music.
Some semi-regular social activity. Examples are: SCA, Burning Man, Faire, sea chanty singing, swing dancing.

Edit: Local to the DC/MD/VA metro area would be nice too!

I crack myself up sometimes.

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