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State of the Goat, year five

The vet came today to do my annual whole-herd checkup and shots. Everyone is doing great. He's pretty confident that Dru is not pregnant (thankfully!) and he was pretty complimentary all 'round.

We started in the front field, but the big pregnant doe goats would not come for just plain alfalfa pellets. So I caught Sancho by simply putting the bucket down and waiting for his head to swipe by. While Dr. Vandry was looking him over, I went on to Jared, and then Loki. Sancho looks good and is his usual jerk self. And amusing enough, he's going to be five years old next month. He is the reason I got to know Dr. Vandry in the first place. Jared is doing fine; he put on a great show for the vet because he's still in rut despite the time of year and the fact that all of the girls on the other side of the fence are heavily pregnant. Gotta love global warming.

We then went into the back, where Alys showed how much of a loner she is by separating from the other five at every possible herd movement. The little girls are doing fine. Anna has really caught up to the rest of the girls, specifically in girth if not in height. It looks like Dru is just fat. Dr. Vandry tried to get a sonogram on her (Dru played dead very nicely), and palpated her, but didn't find anything. In contrast, Summer is definitely pregnant, and the vet got his hand kicked twice by the baby while he was palpating Summer. We aren't sure about twins, but think it is highly unlikely. She is not "bagging up" yet either, so bets are for next month for her kid.

Justin and Madison got their shots and their once-over. Madison is a tad anemic, but not enough to deworm him yet.

Then we went up front again. I brought the goat chow this time so the girls deigned to be caught this time. Again, Dr. Vandry doesn't think anyone is bagged up enough in the udder area to be due this week or next, though we might get a surprise. So at this point I'm working on February 15h as the due date, though I'll keep my eyes open from now until then. The four girls were definitely anemic, so after the vet left I went back out and dewormed and deloused them.

With Dru out of the count, I'm going to be an optimist and guess that we'll see eight babies this year. Two from Crystal, Goldie and Jessie, and one from Sashimi and Summer. Of course, if everyone has healthy babies, then I'm happy regardless of the count.

And a couple of notes --

Dr. Vandry noticed something that I already had marked - the goats are not growing in as long or fast a fleece as last year at this time. Again, cue the global warming comments.

I learned that Duraset (pour-on delouser) BURNS when it gets on the skin of my leg. Sashimi made a break for it that required her to go through my legs. That ended any other goat business so that I could dash inside, drop those jeans and hit the shower. And yes, the label on the Duraset does warn that it is not to come in contact with human or housepet skin. ugh!
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