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This year's name game

I'm starting the name game earlier this year. I have five goats who are pregnant, and am expecting around 8 kids.

Jared is the father with Crystal, Sashimi, Jessie and Goldie.
Loki* is the father with Summer, but I don't particularly like the Loki-lineage names (see below).

Previously used names and reasons are here.

Other name suggestions are still tagged: 2006 are here and here, 2005 is here, and 2004 is here.

You can always re-nominate (hah!) your favorites.


Additional: Wikipedia has an interesting bit about Loki and possible lineage names:

Loki was the father (and in one instance the mother) of many beasts, humans and monsters.

Having liaisons with giantesses was nothing unusual for gods in Norse mythology—both Odin and Freyr are good examples; and since Loki was actually a giant himself, there is nothing unusual about this activity. Together with Angrboda, he had three children:

Jörmungandr, the sea serpent;
Fenrir the giant wolf preordained to slay Odin at the time of Ragnarök;
Hel, ruler of the realm of the dead.

Loki also married a goddess named Sigyn who bore him two sons: Narfi and Vali. (this Vali is not to be confused with Odin's son with the giantess Rind). To punish Loki for his part in Baldr's death the gods turned Vali into a rabid wolf who proceeded to tear Narfi's throat out. Narfi's remains were used to bind Loki until Ragnarok.

While he was in the form of a mare Loki also gave birth to Sleipnir, the eight-legged steed of Odin.

More positively:
Even though Loki may have been a liability to gods (leading to the death of Baldr, the birth of Fenris and other monsters that would eventually engulf the world), he provided the gods with all their most precious items, from Thor's hammer to the flying ships, and these artifacts help the gods ultimately defeat evil. He leads to the birth of Ragnarok, but also provides the means to overcome it.

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