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Impending goat babies - DOOM (of a good kind!)

It was 10 degrees above zero this morning when I got up. Brrr.

It looks like the heated bucket is a success - if I can keep the goats from tipping it over. The difficulty in keeping the buckets upright is that there is nothing holding them that way right now. I don't want the bucket anywhere near a wall because that is how we get mice falling into buckets. Mouse soup is disgusting.

I am suspicious that at least one of the girls is very close to popping - the water consumption is going up. However, water consumption also goes up when it gets very cold because it is required for rumination, and rumination is what keeps goats warm. Let's hear it for exothermic reactions! Yay!

Tomorrow, we will be moving the big girls into the back barn where there is light, power, and a lot more room. The lights and power will definitely help if we end up having to provide heated areas for the baby goats. If the weather continues this cold, I might be making baby incubators out of light bulbs and water barrels.

The backyard stall set up also allows us to completely divide up the stalls so that each mom has her own ~ 8'x6' kidding pen with her own food, water, etc. The fencing keeps any mom from hoarding food or beating up too much on someone else's kids. However, since it is cattle fencing with holes that are 4"x6", it will not stop the babies from meeting and greeting each other and wandering around within the barn. I have some thought that if all five goat-moms pop at the same time, I'm going to crowd them a little bit so that all five fit into the same horse stall so that all of the kids socialize together. I noticed last year that Jessie's twins -- who were in the other stall -- didn't socialize as much with the other kids, but spent more time through the fence with the yearling girls instead.

Don't forget - I'm taking more name suggestions for the upcoming baby goats.

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