a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

General goaty update

While Loki practices his top speeds, Aerin is practicing... what else?... her aerials. She is working on flinging herself as high into the air as she can, complete with the head-n-butt toss that causes her rear end to rotate over her back. I hope I capture it on camera some day, but have my doubts as to anything more than a big blur.

Not my goat, but cute nonetheless:

Last night I met a buck bottle baby named Little Abner. He is about 2 months old and has been bottle fed since day one. He is about 4 times as large as my 2-week-old buck boy. And adorable. He is a color-carrier (red) white with almost inch-long horn nubs, a nonstop waggy tail and a major affection for people. His general social attitude almost makes me want to buy him, except that when he is a three year old he is going to be a pushy, no-fear-of-humans, full in his prime male goat. And if he keeps growing at that rate, he is also going to be huge.

Not my goats, and never will be now:

I just got an e-mail from a fellow angora-raiser. It seems that another local shepherd got out of the angora business this last month without contacting anyone in the local group regarding a possible sale. She up and sold without anything so much as a courtesy call/e-mail, and only mentioned is as a has-happened in passing conversation last night. I'm not terribly close to her, so I don't feel more than vaguely disappointed, but there are other people who -- in my opinion -- could legitimately feel left out.

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