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Maybe I didn't need to know (Mica's kid)

Last week I sent a "hey, how are things" e-mail to the lady who bought Nylan and Mica last year. The lady replied this morning. She reported that the two angoras are both doing well, and that Mica kidded a little girl in December. The doe kid was healthy, though Mica wasn't sure how to be a mom, and was doing well from the start... until a week or so later when the kid jumped/fell into a water bucket and drowned.

So now I'm contemplating how to be sure my goats have water but the kids can't drown. I'm thinking that I will use a lot of the little food-delivery buckets instead of the usual size water buckets until that danger is over. The little buckets get tipped over a lot, but that means a thrashing baby goat can also tip them over and therefore not drown. I think I'm willing to risk thirsty goat moms over drowned goat babies.

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