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Goat babies are coming! babies are coming!

(Ref previous message about goat babies)

The pregnant does were sheared yesterday with everyone else. Udders are forming on a couple of them already, which should mean that kids are due quite soon. I'm not going to try another competition for guessing times and numbers and sexes and colors, though you are welcome to go on record in the comments with your bets. And name suggestions are always welcome.

My predictions/hopes/expectations are, in order of timing of birth:

Goldie (2) - two white kids, one girl and one boy (same as last year)
Crystal (2) - one grey girl and one white boy (same as two years ago)
Jessie (2) - one black girl, one white girl (same as last year)
Sashimi (1) - one black girl (same as two years ago)
Summer (1) - one white boy (same as last year, but this time ALIVE would be nice)

I'm expecting Goldie to kid first this year because she has the most fully formed udder as evidenced by shearing yesterday. Since I haven't kept a sharp look in the years past, this may be erroneous information. But it does at least give me a clue that we could have kids on the ground this week.

The shearer did a fantastic job this time around - Jared got through without a single nick on him! Loki was a bit cut up (he has very wrinkly skin) and Justin's ear was nicked so he looked like a slaughter victim at the end of the day, but there was no trauma and no out of proportion drama during the shearing.

I usually end up supporting the shearing process on my own, so this time was a lot different with tcepsa's help. Having another person there with me really made the whole thing so much easier and smoother! One of us could hold gates while the other person held goats. Then one of us could hold the bag while the other person stuffed fleece into it. Now that I've experienced the difference, I'm going to redouble my efforts to have someone else with me for August's shearing.

Everyone had lice - no surprise - and Summer and Crystal had it worst of all. Crystal always has bad lice, but I was kind of surprised that Summer's was worse than Goldie's. Mona evidenced the most dandruff from lice, but was not suffering fleece break. All in all, I consider my de-lousing attempts to be sorta-successful. I definitely need to delouse everyone again now that they don't have louse-hiding hair. I need to re-research if/when I can delouse the pregnant does, or if I should wait until they have kidded.

I have new bottle of dewormer along with new colustrum replacer (and still have some frozen from years past). With that and goat Gatoraid and the calcium supplement for Jessie, I'm hoping that everyone will get a good kick start into the new season.

I have my fingers crossed for quick, clean births and healthy babies. I have two people lined up to bottle feed any rejected or special needs kids. I hope I'm ready.

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