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No goat babies, miscellaneous notes for me


So it looks like "udder formation" is not what I thought it was. Crystal and Goldie both had formed udders prior to shearing a week and a half ago. I think I'm going to go back to looking for mucus starting to drip out the back end instead. If memory is correct, last year I got at least two of them right by that sign. I'm still wavering on whether it will be Crystal or Goldie who is first out this time, so watch it be Jessie or something.

Regardless, the goats seem to be acclimatizing to the shearing-then-bone-chilling-cold pretty well. They complain and shiver at me when I feed them in the mornings, but don't seem to be losing weight or appetite. Water consumption has gone back down a bit too, which may be because they don't need to ruminate quite so much as they did right after they got sheared.

I think I should check on the big boys tomorrow and see if they need a hit of dewormer - they didn't get any when everyone else did last month. Summer needs her back right foot trimmed. I think she's left-footed - every time I see her pick up a back foot to do anything (scratching, usually), it's her left that comes up.

Leaving Crystal with the little girls and putting Summer in with the big moms seems to be working. Summer and Sashimi make their own nests while Jessie and Goldie make that single goatblob thing that Jared and Sancho do in the summertime. Everyone still picks on Summer, but she has enough room in that left stall/corral to get away from the others. Without Crystal over there, the picking is more a random smack or nip (Jessie) than an outright beating for lunch money. Crystal is undisputed queen of the little girls, which might actually make her cranky since she doesn't have anyone to fight with, but at least keeps the damage down.

Another sign that the cold is not affecting them too badly is that Dru came into heat on Thursday night, complete with tail flagging, singing and tracking Jared's every move. Jared is still in rut and has been since August. I'm sure Dru isn't helping. The fact that Jared is her dad does not seem to bother Dru in the slightest if she even knows.
Tags: angoras, breeding

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