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Sashimi has a girl

Sashimi went into labor this morning while I was out doing chores. She's too skittish for me to stay and watch, so I gave her two hours and came back out to a little reverse badger girl who was already on her feet and nursing.

We'll be doing another barn visit in a bit with more hay, bedding and small pieces of fence to separate the now-territorial new moms.

Edit: With the goat divisions the way they are, we are going to see if just leaving the expectant and new moms alone will work out ok. The stall is something like 12-by-12, so there is plenty of room if they are willing to tolerate each other at all. There is currently a piece of cattle fence running front to back, dividing the stall in half lengthwise. Crystal has the back left side, Sashimi has the back right side. If Goldie and Jessie both kid tomorrow, I may move Crystal over to share with Sashimi since they are usually partners in crime anyway. (When we were chasing Crystal today to deworm her, she ran and hid behind Sashimi. It was amusing in its futility.)

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