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Goldie twinned, plus photos

Goldie put twins on the ground this morning, though one is really weak. I took out hot water bottles and gave it some goat-start, and will be taking it some warmed colostrum (from Crystal last year) as soon as it is heated.

Edit: The strong baby is a white strawberry-blonde girl. The weaker baby is a faded red boy. Yay for color! Little weak baby boy is stronger and definitely louder now. I gave him some colostrum and put him under Goldie where he can nurse.

Edit 2: As I told my mother in law -- Angora goats are not terribly far evolved, and the colored ones have a lot of rogue genetics, so they are usually quite hardy. I have yet to actually observe labor, and no one has needed help yet (knock on wood) because the kids are the right size and orientation to come out quickly and easily. Birthing is in the morning so that the kids have the warmer part of the day to get their feet under them. Baby goats hit the ground ready to rumble - they are on their feet and trying to nurse usually within an hour or two of being born. By the end of the day they are walking and talking and carrying on in full howl when mom isn't nearby. "Fully cooked" babies are born with everything [hair included] except for horns, which start to bud at about a month old. The babies even have their front teeth, though they won't be using them for real for a couple of weeks.

For happier things, here are two goat baby photos of Crystal's and Sashimi's kids

Crystal's twins, one day old

Sashimi's little girl, on her birthday

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