a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

random goat update

The kids are doing great. Aerin is still very skittish – I haven't actually petted her since she started really walking and could get away from me. I expect I will have to win her back with bribery once she starts taking an interest in sweet feed.

I finally got a chance to talk to the breeder of Goldie and Jessie. So now I have a few more facts to work with. Jessie is naturally dehorned. It's genetic, not stupidity. That makes me feel a lot better! A genetic misfire is OK, and doesn't cause me much coulda-woulda-shoulda regret. (FYI – an angora uses its horns as part of the circulatory system, especially to radiate heat in the summer, so de-horning them on purpose is cruel and inconvenient to people who use them as handles.) What I do regret is that Aerin may have inherited the problem. I haven't caught her to feel for horns, but, judging from the shape of her head, she's hornless too.


I caught Aerin last night and felt her head. It actually does feel like she has horn buds, but they are very skinny. She may be lethal in another month.

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