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party stuff (so far)

1. Food -- Thank you two gents for contacting me about what to bring for the communal table. Basically, I have no idea about foodstuff yet. There will be at least one devout vegetarian, so vegan creativity is encouraged. I'm hoping to have friendly breakdowns in people-groups that facilitate playing board- or card-games, so munchies that aren't overly messy or sticky are also encouraged.

2. It will be MUDDY. I guarantee it. If you plan to visit the goats or dogs, and especially if you plan to pet either of those groups of creatures, please bring/wear shoes and a jacket that can deal with mud. I'm happy to provide a washing machine or mud-stuff-parking if you need it.

3. Amusing random guest facts -- There are at least three gents attending who have birth-names that are versions of "Jonathan." Of confirmed and likely attendees, there is an exact 1:1 ratio of birth-genders. There will be three people who I've never met before, and three people who I've known for more than half my life. Of the six-plus people for whom this party was originally targeted, two are attending. Of the six-plus people to whom this party was originally directed, two are attending.

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