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After party thank yous

Thank you to everyone who came last night and made the gathering such a success. As I was bragging to S. this morning - I love how "my" people are such easy guests. Immediate post-party cleanup was only jamming all the sweet things in the microwave to keep them from the cats, getting the dogs and going to bed. This morning I got to collect wayward glasses and reload the dishwasher. You-all are too good to me!

Specific thanks go to jlfranklin for bringing the Wii. That rabbit-plunger old west shoot-em-up was too much.

I told various that I would post the list here for people to get in touch with other people. My apologies that this has to be an open post. If you need more information about someone or wish to contact someone in other methods, please leave a comment.

In no particular order:
dizzyllama and wife frumious_snark
draakken, dwildchil, and their two friends mgs_naughtycat and mstr_grayson (who are really neat people and are totally invited back any time!)
jlfranklin and his Wii
kaelikat, husband R. and friend F.
scraun23, who specifically asked for contact info for gipsieee
and S.J. the almost internet-less.

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