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State of the goat babies (1 month old)

I spent some time outside with the goats today, watching the babies play in the sunset. It's interesting to see how fast the age differences disappeared. Size-wise there is nothing to show birth order, only twin vs. singles. Interestingly, there is one marked difference between Crystal's boy and Goldie's boy - Crystal's boy is showing his horns!

It is pretty much confirmed at this point that Jessie's boy is going to be hornless. I have no idea if anyone would want a hornless breeding buck, but I am quite sure that Lerris would be popular as a pet/wether. Castrated boy goats are generally the friendliest and calmest of the stereotypes. And he's good looking, if I do say so myself. No, I don't plan to castrate him anytime soon (not before next year), but his fate is probably not going to be in the game end of the gene pool.

Below are more "character" photos of the kids. The baby herd photo shows you all six in almost-profile, with Crystal's twins on the left (I can't tell them apart from the back yet), then Rae, Lerris, Goldie's still-nameless boy, and Ria. "Sybel vs. The Bowl" was really funny to watch. She was pushing and shoving and grinding her head into the bowl like it meant something to her. Of course, her front feet were planted inside the bowl, so it never went anywhere. Ria has taken to dancing around on her hind legs before she actually braces against the hayrick to eat, and I finally caught it on camera.

The baby herd

Sybel vs. The Bowl... the epic battle continues!

Ria's dinner dance

Sybel and Creslin perform synchronized scratching. (Check out Creslin's horns!)

Rae is eating with the big goats... I love the ears back like that.

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