a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Summer-goat update

I went down to visit Summer this morning, and ended up helping treat her. Her fever is almost gone - yay! - but eeeeew she's still got issues. I'll skip the details this time.

The vet tech reported that Summer didn't really cry, and didn't have all that much to say when she saw people. (That's a big difference from the never-shut-up Patty-goat when we first got her!) The vet tech also reported that Summer managed to knock over both the vet and the vet tech during treatment last night. Summer kicked so fiercely that she overbalanced the vet tech, and then tossed her head and pushed over the vet. This is a maybe 50 or 60 pound goat here, and the vet tech makes me look petite. heh heh. I warned them. I really shouldn't be proud of having a goat with such a big attitude, but I am pretty amused about it nonetheless. I'm also glad it wasn't me doing that treatment anymore.

Summer has shed a TON of weight and is losing her hair in chunks. If she doesn't lose all of it, I may shear her anyway because that will be a huge weak spot in the fleece, and it will give her a clean start.

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