a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Here comes the rain again, so Summer isn't sheared

Here comes the rain. Rain is a good thing for the garden, but not so much fun for the animals. I made sure everyone had plenty of hay this morning. I put some of the hay inside in the back barn on both the mom&kid and the boy sides. I moved the front field hayrick against the lean-to roof so that, while the hay might get wet, the girls will be dry while they eat.

I'm glad I decided not to shear Summer-goat of her horrible post-fever hairdo just yet. Her hair is falling out in clumps, so she looks like the worst sufferer of mange. She has big pink patches where she scratched or wore off the hair on the outsides of both rear thighs and across her forehead. However, with the weather forecast having so much rain in it, I'm going to continue to wait on fixing that "look" even if the goat board meeting is at my place in two weeks. I can explain Summer's poor appearance to her breeder way better if she's frisky and happy than if she's got double pneumonia.

Today: Showers 52*
Thursday: PM showers 62*
Friday: Mostly sunny 60*
Saturday: Rain 49*
Sunday: Showers/wind 49*
Monday: A few showers/wind 50*
Tuesday: Mostly cloudy 59*
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy 58*
Thursday: Partly cloudy 62*
Friday: Showers 64*

Of course, every time there is rain in the forecast I have to put off delousing the goats too, because sometimes they decide it's not cold enough or heavy enough rain to get under cover. Instead, they stand around in the rain and let the delouser wash off.

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