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And in happy fiber news! - Springwater and MDS&W

I edited and reorganized this to be a bit less stream-of-consciousness.

A acquaintance of mine (a kindhearted and generous lady) is now one of the managers at Springwater Fiber Workshop, a fabulous non-profit fiber arts store in Alexandria. A while ago I asked her advice on what to do with my current pile of raw fleeces. I sheared back in January, and the fleeces have just been sitting in the mud room ever since.

On Friday I got an e-mail from her asking if I would like to come by the shop and talk about my fleeces and rovings and yarns with some of the staff. Last night I had a very nice interview with them. The happy summary is that Springwater is going to offer my fleeces, rovings and yarns for sale in their booth at the *HUGE* Maryland Sheep and Wool festival next month. (www.sheepandwool.org)

This is a really nice and big thing for me - I'm going to be a "featured local farm" and will actually get a chance to:

1. get rid of some of my storage unit stuff (space!)
2. make back some of the money I'm spending on goats and fibers and yarns
3. get my farm name out into the world (marketing!)

I'm very very pleased, and of course a little nervous. This is a big outlet possibility for me if things go well next month.

Happy happy!

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