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Your tax dollars at work

As usual, I received my annual Social Security Statement. And as usual, my birth year was incorrect. I called the toll-free number on the statement to see about rectifying the problem. After dealing with an automated system that asked my social security number, my first name with spelling, my last name with spelling (it couldn't handle it), my mother's maiden name with spelling, and my state of birth, I was passed to a real person.

I explained that the statement had an incorrect birth year. The person on the other end of the phone not only would not accept a phoned-in correction, but also could not verify what birthdate was in the computer system because of security reasons. Ok, then why did I have to give so much identification to even talk to her?

In exasperation, I asked the phone lady what good she was. She repeated that I had to take a certified copy of my birth certificate and a government-issued photo identification to the local social security office to have the date changed. (In other words - she is no help at all.) I then told her how sorry I was for her to have that job.

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