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baby goat amusement with buckets

I keep thinking about the QC shirt that Dona wears that says "I has a bucket" [sic].

I had a bucket incident this morning with a too-curious baby goat. While I was filling up the various water buckets, Ria got her head stuck in between an empty food bucket and its handle. In her flailing around to get her head unstuck, Ria managed to work the bucket down around her waist instead of off of her head. In reaction to this unwelcome development, Ria ran around the field trying to escape this huge green growth on her side and yelling at random moments in her sprint. After every lap around the yard, Ria would stop and cry for her mom. Sashimi would come over, sniff Ria from head to tail, suspiciously sniff the bucket, then just stand there protectively over her unhappy daughter. Lather, rinse, repeat.

After something like 5 repetitions on this theme, I decided to try to catch Ria, so I pulled down the shepherds crook and started to follow her. Originally I was going to wait until she figured it out so that she didn't associate me with PANIC! IT'S A BUCKET ATTACK issues, but I also didn't want her getting truly hurt if I left her alone while still wearing that bucket. Recall that Sashimi is the most skittish of the moms, and Ria is as close to wild as any of my goats. Catching an already-panicked baby goat was going to take a lot of work and... wait. She managed to jump/wiggle out of the bucket handle while I was walking towards her. Never mind.

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