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PSA: National Theater group sales notice

This post has been edited to include the following disclaimer:
This post is for interest solicitation, however, I make no promises that I will actually organize a group outing for any of these performances*. If you are at all interested in a group "thang" please do comment here. This post is open, so if anyone else wants to organize something, feel free to poach people off of the comments.

The National Theater group sales notice just hit my inbox:

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee runs October 25 - November 4.

Avenue Q runs November 27 through December 9.

Spamalot runs December 11 through January 6. Seats run $91.25 / $ 71.25 / $ 46.25. (20% Group Sales Discount: Balcony Only - for performances on Dec 11 through Dec 23 and Jan 2 through Jan 6 only, which would make front balcony about $65.50 after all the extra charges on top. See this for more clues.)

*National ranks dead last in venue preference for me, so I have to have a darn good reason to go there.
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